Ultimate Precision Tech

TOP CNC Machine Shop in Houston, Texas


Ultimate Precision is committed to meeting the expectations and requirements of our customer. Our qualified engineers and skilled machinists have adapted their expertise and knowledge to the art of precision machining by utilizing the latest technologies in machinery and tooling. This has resulted in a reliance upon exceptional quality for your component requirements whether they be large or small.


By employing state of the art CNC technology for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deburring, we create the precision machining required for holding tight tolerances and consistent quality. Read more…


Our customers include Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Construction & Infrastructure, Aerospace & Marine, Valves & Automotive, as well as Flow Control & Refineries industry. Read more…


We offer world-class operations, top equipment, quality control, and delivery. We are proud of our competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and on-time delivery. Read more…

“We stand behind everything we do. Your job is worth doing, and doing right!”

Long Tao, CEO