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Management Team

At Ultimate Precision Tech, our management team of CNC machining experts are committed to continuously improving our services for you.

Long Tao – CEO

Long serves as Chief Executive Officer at Ultimate Precision Tech from 2019. He supervises and controls all strategic and business aspects of the company. During his tenure, he makes high-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase profits. He has trust relations with key partners and customers. He analyzes problematic situations and occurrences and provides solutions to ensure company survival and growth. He has over 12 years of experience working in CNC. He graduated from Prairie View A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

Phone: (832) 287-0308

Email: long@ultimate-precision.com

Linh Pham – General Manager

Linh is a general manager at Ultimate Precision Tech from the beginning when the company was established.  He formulates overall strategy, manages people, and creates policies for the company. Also, he ensures all employees must work productively and develop professionally day by day. He brings his 10 years of experience from prior companies to help Ultimate Precision grow and thrive. He graduated from University in Vietnam and achieved a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration.

Phone: 979-557-5516

Email: sales@ultimate-precision.com

Organization Structure

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